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We spend millions of dollars on advertising and other such promotional activities each year. Sometimes the advertisement catches our attention, but on most other occasions the impact of the ad lasts no more than the duration of the advertisement. We see, we laugh, we (might) feel and then we forget. While advertising does work a little by training the viewer’s mind in a certain way, it is usually a slow and ineffective process for promotion of a brand, company or product. Advertisements may be able to successfully grab the viewer’s attention but that effect does not last for long. In order to be remembered, a marketing strategy must be unconventional; something that the client doesn’t expect.

While advertising is a great way to promote pretty much anything, there is something about receiving gifts that really gets the attention of people. Add to this the fact that the gift has some utility in the life of the receiver and you are golden. ‘Promotional products’ is a term that is used for gifts or products that are used for the promotion of a brand, company, organization, an event or even a cause. These products are given away to people, usually prospective clients, associates or anyone at all who might be involved with the company in any way. Promotional products are a great advertising and promotional tool and can be used to promote almost anything.

Promotional products help the organization or company establish a brand image and name. They can be given away at conferences, meetings, trade shows and almost any other event. They are also a great way to boost the morale of employees and can be given as tokens of appreciation or rewards for the effort put in by the employee. Promotional products are a part of guerilla marketing campaigns that involve the use of unconventional marketing techniques to leave a lasting impact in the public eye. These techniques aim at reaching out to their clients through the use of marketing methods that help them remain in the memory of the client.

Through the wide use of promotional products Australia has created an industry that has a turnover of AUD$1340 million, according to the APPA (Australian Promotional Products Association). The data from the promotional products industry in Australia speaks for itself. According to the APPA, approximately 52% of the people who receive promotional products are reported to have a more positive impression of the company or brand; 55% of the people keep and use the product for more than a year, 76% of the people use these products on a daily basis and close to 50% of these people end up doing business with the company/ organization. The use of promotional products in any sort of promotional campaign is extremely popular. The first question that probably crosses every mind is –

Why use products for promotional purposes?

Products make an impact- The first and most obvious answer is that products make a better impact on prospective clients than any other form of marketing. No amount of ads or other promotional activity can appeal to the people as much as receiving a product.

Products are more likely to be remembered- A promotional product is more likely to stay in the mind of the receiver than an advertisement ever will. The person receiving it will always remember the giver when they see the product. It is a simple fact ‘out of sight, out of mind’. A product of utility will remain within the area of vision of the person that it is given to. That way the person always remembers the name of the company or its logo.

Products give people a good feeling about the brand- Let’s face it, freebies make people happy. When promotional products are used for marketing, they give people a happy feeling. People learn to associate that feeling with the brand or logo that is visible on the product. This helps to create a general good feeling about the company.

Brand image- A company that gives free promotional gifts is perceived as a generous and open organization. Companies are better received when they use promotional products for marketing their brand. The APPA data shows that over 50% of the people who receive these products end up forming a more positive image of the brand or company that is being promoted.

Association with the company- A person who receives a promotional product tends to have a feeling of oneness with the company. This feeling remains, regardless of whether there is any eventual association with the company or not. Whenever the name of the company comes up it rings a bell in the mind of the client. Once the client is able to associate with the company, there are more chances of this association converting into actual business. It builds brand trust in the market.

Utility products- Products that are of great, everyday utility to the receiver are the best kinds of promotional products. Since these products are used almost every day and appear in the daily lives of the receiver, they tend to have a more lasting impact on their minds. By seeing these products every day, the client remembers the brand or company name every day.

Promotional products make it simpler for the mind to associate with the product and the brand that it is trying to promote. With the product appearing in the daily lives of the people who possess them there is a greater chance of people remembering the products as well as the people who provided the products. With most promotional products the utility is of vital importance. By giving someone a redundant product the entire exercise becomes futile. A utility product will be used more often and greatly enhance the ability of the product promotion to work.

Many companies, brands and organization organize events for the promotion of their brands, as well as to build new associations. They hold conferences with prospective clients or business associates. It is also a popular marketing technique to organize fairs and marathons where companies offer sponsorships. It is at events such as these that the promotion through products can really convert and bring in business.

Promotional products can also be used to give people an idea about the business that the brand is involved in. By using products that may be, even if remotely, associated with what the company does, the company can give the receiver an idea of what they do. Non-profit organizations can also use promotional products to market events and fundraisers that are being organized by them. An automobile company for instance, may use key chains with their logo printed on it or other products that are shaped like an automobile.

What are the qualities that make a good promotional product?

Whereas, the fact that a product is being used for promotion is in itself a good idea, it is important to use a product that catches the attention of the receiver and holds it. A good promotional product must be-

  • Innovative

By creating a product that is innovative it is much easier to catch the attention of people who are receiving it. The more unique and innovative the product, the more likely it is that people will talk about it and share with their friends. This leads to a sort of ripple effect in your marketing strategy.

  • Attractive

Your promotional product must be visually appealing. Using bright colors and bold prints help to catch the attention of the clients. A visually attractive product is more likely to be picked up and admired, even if it isn’t put to regular use. People are also more likely to save this product for a longer time, creating a more lasting impact on your marketing strategy.

  • Utility

A promotional product is most effective when it has utility for the people that are going to receive it. A product such as a flash drive or a promotional pen is more likely to be used by the people. By using products of utility for the promotion of their brand, a company can ensure that their name is remembered and registered.

  • Exclusivity

The product that is being used for promotion should be exclusive. A product that is available anywhere will not appeal to the user as much as an exclusive product. It should be customizable so that your own touch and style can be added to it. You should be able to print your logos o images or even have the product designed to your specifications.

The best quality promotional products Brisbane has to offer are now available directly through Adit promotional products. With the internet having become one of the most indispensable parts of our lives now, it is only fair that what you need be available to you at your convenience. You no longer have to jump through hoops to find the products that you are looking for. Everything is now available at the click of a button.

At Adit promotional products we provide an extensive collection of visually appealing, creative and unique products. All our products are customizable to suit your needs and requirements. We provide the best quality of promotional products Melbourne can offer. Our services also include personalized designing of products that we can source for you. If you know what you want, it is almost certain that we can source it for you. Why hold back on your imagination when you have us?

The extensive list of our products include-

  • Apparel
  • Magnets
  • Stationery
  • Drink bottles
  • Mugs
  • Key chains
  • Balloons
  • Promotional USB sticks
  • Printed covers for electronic gadgets
  • Umbrellas
  • Torches
  • Calculators
  • Calenders
  • Clocks etc.

We provide the absolute highest quality of promotional products Sydney and other parts of Australia have seen. Our products are innovative, creative, beautiful to look at and customizable to your taste. By letting us know exactly what your requirement is, you can avail of some of the most amazing promotional products for the marketing of your brand.

These products are a great addition to any corporate event or gathering. They are also useful in boosting the morale of hard working employees. Good quality promotional products can also be used as an incentive for the employees of the company. They are a great gift and help in reducing the employee turnover of the company. Employees are happier when they receive gifts from their employers. It is a great motivational tool for the employees. Promotional products also help the employees develop a feeling of loyalty towards the company/organization.

At Adit promotional products it is our top most priority to make sure that you receive only the finest quality products for the promotion of your brand. All our products are completely customizable and can be prepared in a way that best suits your needs. For products that are not listed on our website, we offer services where we can create particular products for you. All you need to do is send in your ideas/ images to us and we will source the exact product for your promotional goals.

Promotion through the use of promotional products is a unique and creative way to generate more interest in your brand or company. The uniqueness of the promotional product, in addition to its visual appeal can add a great deal of spunk to your marketing campaign. Whether you are trying to promote a fair, an exhibition, a product launch or even at corporate conferences. Using a unique product can leave a lasting impression of the client or associate and is more likely to result in conversion to actual business. Promotional products are one of the simplest methods of promoting your business, event or services. It gives your brand a positive visibility in the market and helps to create multiple associations through a sort of ripple effect. Adit promotional products provide you with a unique solution to all your promotional problems. Promotional products are the new age of marketing and very effective at that.